Friday, October 7, 2011

Translink Funding - gas tax or bust

So the Translink mayor's council is about to vote on a funding package for Translink that includes 2 cents per litre gas tax, and property tax for 2 years as a back stop while they seek an alternate source of $30-40 million per year. 

Many mayors are opposed to property tax funding Translink, and a few are going to vote against this package because of it.  But it will pass.  Because it has to.  Because nobody has any better ideas.  (ok , update, now its passed)

SO .. then what ?

So , for Port Moody, it means it's time to get on with planning our community in the new reality of skytrain coming through Moody Centre.   It's time to do some planning and develop a vision of what we want in our city and how it will evolve. 

We know that Skytrain will bring/demand/create more density around the stations, which, in our case, means the entire Moody Centre core.   We need to guide that process, not just stand on the sidelines watching (and complaining).

We've heard for too long that Moody Centre needs revitalizing, and seen nothing substantial done.  It's time we stepped up - as a council, as residents, as businesses - as a city.  No more finger pointing. No more 'waiting for..' to happen.  It's happening.  The Evergreen Line will change the north east sector like nothing has before.

We need to develop a plan that respects the heritage core of Moody Centre and the long time residents.  We need to develop a plan that brings new residents to support new business that serves ALL residents of the city, but particularly Moody Centre.  We need to develop a plan that the residents can be a part of and embrace and champion.  We need to develop a plan that protects our businesses and our local jobs, and provides opportunities for new business development in the 21st century economy.

And we need to manage our transportation network, regionally, to serve our residents and regional commuters.

Now that the plan is approved, the Evergreen line is moving forward, this isn't the END of this process by any means - this vote and this moving forward plan is the start of MANY MANY years of hard work and change in our city.

All aboard the Evergreen Line bringing change to the tri cities like we've never seen.

And remember the saying " Failing to plan is planning to fail " 
We need to get a plan working NOW.

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